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Episode 004: Strong

Transcript from Stirred By Words Episode 004: Strong

Chrissy Holm (00:05): Do you love words? Are you passionate about diving into meaningful conversations? Hi, welcome to Stirred by Words, a podcast that focuses on words and questions that impact our daily lives.

Chrissy Holm (00:22):

I'm your host, Chrissy Holm: health educator, writer, curious creature, and now, podcaster.

Chrissy Holm (00:42):

Today, we'll start with a health tip. This week, it's guided imagery. states that guided imagery can have many health-related physical and emotional benefits. It can help you feel less nervous or upset, be less bothered by pain, or achieve a goal.

Chrissy Holm (01:01):

The benefits also positively affect heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and oxygen rates, brain waves, temperature, and hormone balance. Guided imagery can help relieve symptoms caused or made worse by stress such as chest pain, high blood pressure, high blood glucose, headaches, and digestive and breathing problems.

Chrissy Holm (01:22):

You can use guided imagery to promote relaxation, help reach goals such as losing weight or quitting smoking, manage pain, promote healing, or even help you prepare for an athletic event or public speaking.

Chrissy Holm (01:35):

I'm going to walk you through a guided imagery that you can use now or on your own. If you're driving, either return to this exercise at a later time, or just unclench your jaw and keep your eyes open.

Chrissy Holm (01:51):

I want everyone to imagine that you're in your favorite place. Maybe it's somewhere that you visited, or somewhere you want to go. Now sit comfortably. If you're in a chair, make sure your feet are flat on the ground, and relax your muscles. Get comfortable and get those wiggles out.

Chrissy Holm (02:10):

Now take a few breaths in through your nose ... hold ... and out through your mouth. Again, if you're driving, don't close your eyes. But if you are seated at home, close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths in ... hold ... and out.

Chrissy Holm (02:39):

Now imagine yourself walking through the rainforest. The trees' green leaves float above your head. Colorful birds fly around you, and you hear many animals in the rainforest. The wind is blowing around you, and it's soft. The warm air is on your skin. Breathe in ... and out.

Chrissy Holm (03:07):

Then you walk out of the forest onto the sand. You feel the hot sun on your skin. The warmth of the sand is under your feet and between your toes. You walk closer to the ocean and hear the waves splashing on the shore. Breathe in ... and out.

Chrissy Holm (03:31):

The hotter the sun feels on your head, shoulders, and arms, the more the water looks calming and inviting. You see the blue water and you hear the birds singing their songs. The colors around you are vibrant.

Chrissy Holm (03:48):

You reach the ocean, and the wet sand sticks to your toes, feet, and around your ankles. You feel the warm water on top of your feet taking the sand away. The water is crystal clear and smells fresh. Breathe in ... and out.

Chrissy Holm (04:09):

Stay here for a while. Feel the warm water splash on your feet and legs as you walk a little bit further into the ocean, with the sun on your shoulders and the calmness around you.

Chrissy Holm (04:23):

Breathe in ... and breathe out. Let go of the stress that you're feeling, re