30 Lessons in Life's Soccer Game

"Lesson 2: Be prepared, otherwise you might get smacked in the face.
Lesson 5: Move on when you get scored on.
Lesson 23: Reflect on what's behind you and imagine what's in front of you."


For the past 25 years, Chrissy has sprinted her heart on the soccer field, bounced from one position to another, and tried to grasp life's soccer game.

From bruises, muddy uniforms, and bloody noses to life lessons, best advice, and mistakes, Chrissy shows you the perseverance it took to become a full-time writer in this short memoir and self-help ebook, inspiring you to reach your goals.


“We don't have a map or directions for relationships, love, religion, or God. We get lost. We stumble…and we pray that we will find the sunlight.”

Seven-year-old Chrissy Holm was homeschooled at church, listened to her devout dad’s religious teachings of purity culture and the sanctity of marriage, and suppressed her bisexuality.

When she turned sixteen, her parents divorced after twenty-four years of marriage, leaving Holm devastated and unsure of her values. She jumped from one relationship to another, searching for commitment, and eventually fell into depression.

In this raw and hopeful memoir, Finding Sunlight is the story of how one woman processes religious trauma to discover love and forgiveness for herself, her dad, and her relationships.

Finding Sunlight: A Memoir

Coming 2023...