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"30 Lesson's in Life's Soccer Game is a high-energy read to help you set goals and bounce back from disappointments. If you have been impatient with self-progress, Chrissy has some helpful examples for positive self-talk." 

"Whether you're new to soccer, still in the game, or you miss playing, 30 Lessons in Life’s Soccer Game by Chrissy Holm offers an insider's perspective on why the sport is significant long after you've left the field. There's something in it for everyone!" 

"Stirred By Words is a perfect morning companion. Chrissy's dulcet tones leave you feeling both grounded and inspired. She kicks off my day by reminding me how diverse our stories are, as well as how similar."

"Stirred By Words, an aptly-named podcast is inspiring, thought-provoking, and an intriguing delight for logophiles and deep thinkers. Its bite-sized content is relevant, purposeful, and comes with awesome book recommendations."

Essence Bonitaz

Amanda K.

Cynthia N.

Jodi McLain

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