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Episode 002: The Nature of Authors

Transcript from The Nature of Authors Episode 002: Writing as Therapy with Shannon Jump

Chrissy Holm (00:02):

Do you love to talk about books? Do you wonder how authors build their stories each month? I'll take you on the journey of discovering how authors work, listen to how writers explain their craft and the mission behind their writing. What's the nature of authors. I'm your host, Chrissy Holm. Let's talk books. It's time to welcome our second guest Shannon Jump author of, Even Though It's Breaking. Today, we're going to be talking about psychological suspense thrillers, and writing as therapy. Thanks for being here, Shannon.

Shannon Jump (00:39):

Thank you for having me. I so appreciate it. I'm really excited.

Chrissy Holm (00:43):

Yes, definitely. And a fun icebreaker that I think we can all start off with is, would you rather, so you ready Shannon for a, would you rather.

Shannon Jump (00:54):

[inaudible 00:00:54]

Chrissy Holm (00:54):

Okay, cool. So would you rather read a physical book or an audio book?

Shannon Jump (00:58):

Physical, for sure.

Chrissy Holm (01:00):

Nice. And on that same note, what's your favorite type or what's your favorite genre of book?

Shannon Jump (01:06):

I kind of go back and forth. I tend to switch it up every once in a while just to make sure they don't all start to sound the same, but lately psychological thrillers have really been my jam. And that's probably because that's what I'm writing right now, too. So, but yeah, I do dabble in romance and other types of thrillers and all that kind of stuff too, but yeah, psychological thrillers.

Chrissy Holm (01:29):

I love it. And I know I saw some questions come in beforehand that are really on the thrillers.

Shannon Jump (01:35):

Oh good.

Chrissy Holm (01:36):

So we're excited to learn some more of how you feel about thrillers and some of the other questions of course I'll get to later on. But yeah, I love that, because I think there has to be that variety to keep yourself interested. And do you kind of read to a mood, whatever you're in the mood for too.

Shannon Jump (01:53):

For sure. Yeah. And I think I must have been in some kind of mood in August because I DNF to, did not finish probably four books in a row. Couldn't get into a single one of them I'm like, "screw this goodbye". And then I think everything I read was just, it wasn't quite that five star read. So I was really moody I think. But yeah, I tend to... My mood really, it's kind of like music, right? You listen to music that kind of coincides with your mood. I'm the same way with reading.

Chrissy Holm (02:24):