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4 Ways To Find the Work-Life Balance

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Some of us aspire to build a family or be husbands, wives, moms, dads, and more. Others want to excel in their careers or passions, make money, or make a difference in the world. So, why not both? How can you find a balance between work and life? It's not easy and takes practice, patience, and plenty of mistakes. Here are some tips that have helped me along the way.

1. Managing Your Time

How do you manage your time? There are many different ways to track and manage your time, both at work and in your home life.


  • A master calendar

  • Bullet journal

  • Whiteboard

  • Paper and pen

  • Phone calendar

  • Google calendar

There are numerous apps and resources to help you stay organized. It's important to find a method that works for you. Setting weekly, monthly, and yearly goals or tasks can keep you focused.

2. Set Boundaries and Delegate

When do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with obligations? Planning and knowing when to delegate tasks is a vital first step. For example, splitting up the chores or cooking at home. If you're at work, divide the project, or be honest with your supervisor. Set boundaries when you go to and from work.

For example, give yourself a 5-10 minute vent session to decompress after the day. This could include a walk, workout, or chatting with a spouse, friend, or family member. After your decompression session, move forward and enjoy the rest of your day.

3. Remember Your Values

What are your core values? Discovering what drives you can play an essential role in your career and home life. Find a list of words online and narrow in on your core values. Ask yourself, how can you exemplify these in your everyday life?

For example, if love drives you, show small acts of love. Hold a door, ask a coworker if they need help, give a hug, or tell your spouse one thing you appreciate about them every day.

4. The Three E's: Efficient, Effective, and Enjoyment

How can you balance the three E's in work and life? The trifecta!

Ask yourself, how can I make this more

  • Efficient (maximize productivity)

  • Effective (producing an intended result) and/or

  • Enjoyable (the process of taking pleasure in something)

For example, to find enjoyment, list three positives at the end of each workday. Before you sleep, think of three positives from your life.

Balancing work and life will never be perfect. It takes patience to manage your time, guts to set boundaries, your heart to find your values, and several mistakes to balance the three E's. Getting started is often the most challenging part. Take action today. What will you do to get started?

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