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CHRISSY HOLM (she/they) is a writer, editor, and project manager. They are the author of Finding Sunlight and the host of the podcast Stirred By Words, where they interview guests and discuss words, writing, and wellness. 

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Chrissy was my star beta reader for my memoir, Able to Be Otherwise. Chrissy provided thorough, thoughtful, and pointed feedback that helped me improve my writing in tangible ways. With an attention to detail, she pointed out any inconsistencies in tone, timeline, and biographical details, helping me strengthen the very structure of my book.

Beyond this, Chrissy was encouraging and probing, going above and beyond to ask the questions that I needed to answer in order to bring my story to life in a holistic and impactful way. Though it’s easy to be discouraged by a stream of suggestions for improvement flooding in, I was only ever encouraged and excited to dig deeper into my writing when working with Chrissy. I cannot recommend her enough! 

Anna Lenaker, Author of Able to Be Otherwise

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