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Chrissy's Story

A few months after returning to her corporate job from maternity leave, Chrissy wasn't satisfied with her career trajectory and felt she was missing something. Something that she felt deep in her core. Growing up, Chrissy thrived in creativity, enjoyed writing and editing, and she always had a love for books and words. After realizing that her current job wasn't for her, Chrissy took the plunge into entrepreneurship and switched career paths toward her real passion.


Since July 2021, Chrissy has been writing, editing, podcasting, and book coaching. Not only is she driven to tell her story, but she's also passionate about encouraging others to share theirs. Chrissy loves writing about health and personal development; she believes everyone has a unique story to share. She's committed to supporting others from overcoming mindset roadblocks to articulating their story in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. 

Lover of words, books, writing, and editing.

How can we work together?

Book Coaching

I need someone to guide, support, and offer feedback during the writing process.


I need someone to write SEO-optimized content for my website or my business.


I need someone to copy edit or proofread my book or articles for my business.

Beta Reading

I need an honest and detail-oriented person to provide feedback on my manuscript.

Need a combination or have a special project? Contact Chrissy!